A way of improving environments using art therapy



Show to Tell is all about using Art Therapy as a means of using talents to express emotions that cannot be put into words. In this website you will find examples and possible activities you can do. You will also see how we can use those activities to improve hospital environments and change the way people look at both therapy and hospital life.



For hundreds of years art has been used as a form of communication. We can see stories through cave arts that were made centuries ago, even to this day art can still be used to express emotions and communicate. Art therapy is defined as "A form of psychotherapy involving the encouragement of free self-expression through painting, drawing, or modeling, used as a remedial activity or an aid to diagnosis." The purpose of using art therapy is simply to show emotions and even problems one might be facing through forms of art instead of using words. 



Throughout making show to tell I've learned a lot about myself and my goals for my future. I have been able to research a lot about what a child life specialist is and how they can use art therapy in their work in hospitals. I know that I want to help people when i'm older, by going through this independent project I have learned many ways to help people and many different types of therapy techniques. When I came across art therapy it struck an interest with me because as someone who is shy and less talkative at times, seeing that there is a way to express yourself through different forms of art, I felt like my voice could be heard or better yet seen. I know that with more time I could reach out to more hospitals and had more surveys done. I also would have gathered more research on specific art that could help with anxiety, then make more art videos. I definitely have a much clearer understanding of what art therapy is as well as what I wanna focus on in my future and more specifically my future career



Completing this independent project could not have been done without the help from many people. I would first like to thank my teachers, peers, and family for all their advice and help when creating this website. I would also like to thank Nancy Sharp, a therapist who I spoke with about my project. After speaking with Nancy Sharp she opened my eyes to what art therapy really is. She helped show me that when helping a patient you need to read them to see what techniques to use, including techniques such as art therapy. For example if someone is having trouble putting something in to words you can have them draw how they feel. I owe everyone my gratitude for helping bring my idea to life, and creating Show To Tell.


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